Thanksgiving Top 10

“A single grateful thought toward heaven is the most perfect prayer.”
 -Gotthold Ephraim Lessing 

  1. God’s unending blessings in my life.
  2. My family – splendid children, husband, mother, in-laws, siblings and nieces and nephews.
  3. The Meal. Let’s be serious, this is the focus of the day. I cook for hours in an attempt to deliver the perfect feast each year. After weeks of analyzing new recipes, reconsidering the tried and true, I end up serving up too much of both.
  4. Running. I ran the Thanksgiving 5K this morning, not only to earn my turkey (ri-ight), but in gratitude for an activity that has enhanced and redefined my life.
  5. Alexis is back in Georgia!
  6. 20 years of employment at the Happiness Factory.
  7. Chef Velez off-duty for the best holiday of the year.
  8. Abundance.
  9. This great country.
  10. Spending a pre-holiday weekend in the capital with our DC based kids.

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