Hey Body

Don’t screw with me now.

I committed to you and got you down to a fighting weight by eating healthy and exercising regularly. For crying out loud, I’ve even got you running 3 mile trails on weekends!

Ever since my surgery in April, it’s been one thing after another, what with the excruciatingly slow healing, the wound infection, and recurring skin allergies and hives. What’s with this sudden joint pain in all my extremities and the sharp knife-like pain in my side every time I take a deep breath?

Give me a break already, you’re the strongest you’ve been in 28 years. Now act like it.

Validation Rocks!

I was the month of July honoree on our workplace health club Wall of Fame for changing my lifestyle and for my subsequent weight loss of 104 lbs. It’s ironic that I refused to join the gym for 17 years and yet my role in the Company required me to have constant contact with their staff whilst managing their employee events. Unbeknownst to me, they were having an impact on me at each meeting with their words and their actions.

Three years ago, no doubt driven by the negative press about sugar consumption in beverages and juices, the Company began rolling out programs to encourage associates to live more positively and increase healthy habits. Eventually, it became impossible to ignore the messages from so many sources – my kid, my workplace and finally my doctor – and so I was off on my journey.

And in the end, I did join the gym.