Lax Is Not the New Lazy

 Although I have been lax in posting, I have not been lax in general.

I’ve been getting out a lot to exercise. Mostly, for its stress relieving effects on everything else that’s going on – wedding planning, imminent earth shattering work deadlines, wedding planning, doctor’s appointments and wedding planning. If someone had ever told me two years ago that I would resort to physical activity to reduce stress, I would have laughed out loud and fallen off my comfy chair.

So this is how it’s been:

I am a Runner: I hadn’t thought of myself as a runner, like, ever. After all, I had only run in spurts of run/walks in the past. Yet, one recent trip to the trail I ran into (literally, of course) a large family exploring the woods. As I was approaching, the male parental unit yelled: “Runner! Step aside everybody!” I looked around and said: “Runner, where? Oh me! Well, gee, thanks for that…” and as I ran past them, the mom called out: “You ARE a runner, you’re running aren’t you?”. And you know what? Hells yeah, I AM a runner.

Fords Creek Trail: RV and I recently tried a new trail that a colleague had raved about. Initially, it seemed nice enough with gentle downhill slopes, beautifully wooded areas and the constant glimmer of the Chattahoochee River through the trees. 

But man did it have tons of rocks and tree roots along the trail, and man did I make a face plant while confidently running down the steepest hill. I must have slid 2 yards with my arm outstretched above my head like a horizontal Statue of Liberty, only not so pretty. I just laid there for a good 3 minutes, terrified that I had broken my left arm from the pain that was shooting to my shoulder. Eventually, I decided that it wasn’t broken because I could actually move without screaming like a girl – which I did in 2010 when I fell running (can you detect a trend here), fracturing my right arm and tearing my rotator cuff in the process.

Four weeks later, I still have daily pain in my left shoulder with limited strenghth and range of motion, combined with a fetching dark brown 3×6″ scrape down my leg (this will look lovely with my above the knee mother of the bride dress). It should be noted that the leg scarring is only enhanced by the scar down my arm which also got thoroughly scraped. Good times.

I Killed It on a Trail Run: although I visit my beloved Thompson Trail several times a week, I had never been able to run the whole 5K course. On Sept. 22, I ran 3.1 consecutive miles – like a bunny in the forest, down and up the hills, first time ever. I cried at the end for never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being able to do this. I love my trail.

2011 KP Corporate Run 5K: as previously posted, I ran it the whole way – on asphalt, mind you – in 38:38. Not earth shattering, I know, but I ran it the WHOLE way people – on asphalt -which I  had been afraid of since the Fall of 2010. First race I pull that off – thanks to a fair, breezy Atlanta evening and a huge turnout to keep the pace going. 

Next: the Emory Winship Cancer Center 5K, the Zooma Women’s 5K at Chateau Élan in Nov. and, to close out the year, the Dunwoody Jingle Jog 5K in Dec. It’s been a good year for healthy living. 

Back in the Saddle Again: took up horseback riding again and was incredibly moved by how much I had missed being around these beloved creatures. Despite the dirty work – scraping hooves, brushing and wiping down equine sweat – sitting on such a powerful creature again, adapting to its gait and becoming one through mutual trust and respect is one of the most amazing experiences. I will be back regularly, but not until after the wedding. I don’t think they make gold casts to match my dress in the event I should take a nasty spill (not farfetched in my current state of clumsiness). Just sayin’.

P.S. I broke the elusive 130 lb barrier and hit 129.4 lbs on Friday, Sept. 16. What, what?


Yesterday, Sept 9, marked the anniversary of the day I decided to start moving in the hope that I could become healthier. No lofty goals at the time, no dieting, just aiming to walk a block and back.

Two years later, I am a new person and I celebrated by running the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run in downtown Atlanta, and run it I did – the entire way. Seriously.

My race times are inconsequential – finishing is the goal since I live by the saying that “slow and steady wins the race” plus i have a tendency to trip and fall (note to self: fix that). But running for 3.1 miles on asphalt is a new accomplishment and I did it in 38:38.

Today, I go back to my beloved trail for another 3.1 mile run. That’s where I did it first, the day before the Kaiser. I’m in the zone people, I’m in the zone.