Yesterday, Sept 9, marked the anniversary of the day I decided to start moving in the hope that I could become healthier. No lofty goals at the time, no dieting, just aiming to walk a block and back.

Two years later, I am a new person and I celebrated by running the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run in downtown Atlanta, and run it I did – the entire way. Seriously.

My race times are inconsequential – finishing is the goal since I live by the saying that “slow and steady wins the race” plus i have a tendency to trip and fall (note to self: fix that). But running for 3.1 miles on asphalt is a new accomplishment and I did it in 38:38.

Today, I go back to my beloved trail for another 3.1 mile run. That’s where I did it first, the day before the Kaiser. I’m in the zone people, I’m in the zone.

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