2011: A Year of Blessings

2011 was a blessed year for the Velez family, replete with milestones and accomplishments. At a time when so many are struggling, we are humbled and grateful for being stronger, more united and better established. We are thankful for the gifts of love, health and abundance in our lives this year, and also for:

  • Katrina’s marriage to our wonderful new son, Christopher Hofius
  • Gabriel’s graduation from Johnson and Wales University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foodservice Management and subsequent employment as Pastry Chef at Buckhead Life Group’s Nava Restaurant
  • Ramon gaining ground toward attaining his career goal of Director in the healthcare industry and solidifying his athletic self
  • surpassing my goal weight of 130 lb., becoming a bonafide trail and race runner, and ticking off another year at my beloved Happiness Factory.

We look forward to 2012 and to all the opportunities for happiness and growth that will come along with it.

God Bless everyone.