DC Chick Comes Home

Katrina came home for her birthday weekend. She wanted to experience her “brother’s” restaurant – Nava will now forever be known as Gabe’s restaurant – so we took her there for dinner.  We enjoyed the most wonderful meal with the most precious attention to detail from Executive Chef Ryan, General Manager John and the supporting staff. A treat in every way, but most of all for the excellent appetizers, scrumptious entrees and Gabriel’s phenomenal desserts.

On Saturday, we went to the Pope High School Winter Guard show where the 2002 WGI Bronze Medalists met for a reunion and brief re-enactment of the acclaimed Serenade show. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! 


And now:


I Want A Tub Like That

On Sunday, the boys and I were watching “Dream House” starring Daniel Craig. In the movie, there’s a scene where he’s in a bathtub which I’ve been coveting in my latest House Beautiful issue.

So I said: “That’s the kind of tub I want.” And Gabriel answered, “The kind with Daniel Craig in it?”

Very funny.


I Used to Run with Doubt. Now She Can’t Keep Up.

Today, I ran my first 10K race – the Chattahoochee Runners Club 10K. Sure, I have run 6.2 miles before, but not in a race and not with a sweet 10.35 mile PR. I’m shooting for a 9.something mile for the Peachtree. With this race, RV and I are sticking to our commitment to run in 12 races in 2012.

On Saturday, Feb. 11, we ran the Marietta Mardi Gras 5K. That race was particularly special because I was running to honor Sherry Arnold.

This beloved mother, wife and educator was abducted during an early morning run in Montana on Jan. 7. Hundreds of mother runners across the country ran in her memory that Saturday, and I am glad that I was one of them.