Adventures in BMT: Day -6


Yesterday, I reported to Emory University Hospital at the crack of dawn to have a triple lumen catheter placed in my carotid artery. The catheter will be the conduit for the chemotherapy infusions needed to kill my faulty bone marrow before the transplant.

After the procedure, they whisked me to my in-patient room which will be my home away from home for the next few weeks. The room has floor to ceiling windows which makes it very bright. I also love my little hospital bed. Really.

I instantly fell in love with the nurses, techs and doctors who will take care of me during my stay.

There’s a gigantic Keurig single-serve coffee maker in the break room which is stocked with all kinds of coffee and tea flavors. There’s also ginger ale, ice cream, Italian ices, crackers and dry cereals.

To wrap up the day, I received the first dose of pre-conditioning chemo therapy at 9 PM without any adverse effects. Fludarabine prevents cells from making DNA and RNA, which stops cell growth and causes the cells to die.

So far so good.

3 Comments on “Adventures in BMT: Day -6”

  1. Alexis says:

    The leukemia doesn’t stand a chance!

  2. Rosie Buznego says:

    Hooray for a great start. Praying that all will go well. Love Rosie

  3. Maria Elena says:

    Hope u had a good day. Our prsyets sre with you. Lots of love.

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