She Weds This Weekend


Wedding week is officially in full swing. I worked through Tuesday and am now able to fully focus on Katrina and Christopher’s wedding.

The Hofiuses flew into Atlanta yesterday and we enjoyed a lovely dinner together at South City Kitchen Vinings. Great food, great wine, great conversation and phenomenal bonding. We are so fortunate to have so much in common with this family as it relates to values, family and salsa dancing.

We have the completed calligraphy project – escort cards, signs and menu cards. I am thrilled with Anne Elser’s work.

I am finishing assembly of the amenity baskets for guests and they will be done by the time the bride arrives.

Gaby is working diligently on the fondant dahlias and related flowers which will decorate the wedding cake. With three different flavored layers, the cake is baked. He is full-on focused on the decorative elements now and is up late each night cranking them out creating them. The cake will be assembled in Dahlonega.

Tonight, the bride arrives from DC. Top-of-mind is much needed rest for her in the next three days so she is refreshed and re-invigorated before all the events begin.

Tomorrow, Alexis flies in and our family will be complete once again. The pace will pick up at that point as we begin the round of facials, threading and manicure appointments.

Our cabin awaits us and the bridal party on Friday. It will be a treat to be surrounded by all these kids we’ve known for years and are a part of our collective memories.

The rehearsal dinner on Friday evening promises to be a treat as we further connect and integrate our families. And, the kids have something special planned… I can’t wait.

Now, for the real issue. I still don’t have the right shoes for the perfect mother-of-the bride dress. I have purchased six pair up to now and none proved sufficiently beautiful. Well, there were those Manolo Blahniks which matched perfectly… but the price is not justified. Yet.

I head back out tomorrow to continue the search.

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