It Was Necessary


She deserved it and it was necessary.

My niece has worked so long and hard for the right test score. She’s taken the SATs as often as is allowed and narrowly missed the mark each time. Today, she took her final shot at claiming her scholarship at Florida International University by sitting for the ACT, and she needs to nail the math portion.

She has spent years and hours too numerous to count on the soccer field, often under torrid conditions, sometimes injured and frequently exhausted striving for this scholarship. Her family has made countless sacrifices of time and money. The scholarship she was offered has been the focus of this family for a long time, and all that stands between her and South Florida is the elusive qualifying math score.

We pray that she nailed it this time; I have faith that she has. 

And so, I bought her a cupcake to sweeten the wait – a tiny gesture to a lifetime of commitment. It was definitely necessary.

One Comment on “It Was Necessary”

  1. Barbara says:

    So proud of you!!! You are a rock and an awesome friend. Well done on your accomplishment!! XOXO

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